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Through individual counseling and psychotherapy, you’ll meet with an experienced licensed clinician with an in-depth understanding of the public safety culture. We utilize effective treatment methods and modalities to help you achieve balance and stability in all aspects of both your personal and professional life. 

Therapy sessions are confidential and typically occur weekly for 45-50 minutes. Many insurance plans are accepted

Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

Public safety officers are exposed daily to a variety of traumatic events that have sufficient impact to overwhelm the usual effective coping skills of either an individual or a team. These events are typically sudden, emotionally powerful, and outside the range of usual human experience. 

A CISD focuses on discussing traumatic events with the emphasis on mitigating distress, facilitating psychological normalization, providing effective stress management education, identifying external coping resources, and restoring unit cohesion and performance.

Psychological Evaluations / Consultations

HJLA utilizes industry endorsed assessment tools and methods to conduct pre-employment and fitness for duty psychological evaluations in accordance with Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and International Association of Chiefs of Police guidelines. Additionally, we offer post critical incident assessments and mental health wellness consultations conducted by experienced clinicians from an insider’s perspective.

Behavioral Health Education

Our team delivers inservice training for public safety professionals on recognizing and combating the cumulative effects of stress on the physical, emotional, and psychological wellness of public safety professionals. Training is designed to encourage and facilitate discussion to dispel the stigma regarding mental health services and crisis intervention and promote a better understanding of the need for and availability of culturally competent mental health providers and resources

Cultural Competency Training

Our team delivers inservice training for public safety professionals designed to facilitate the development and enhancement of congruent attitudes, beliefs, and policies within an organization or system that enables its members to interact effectively with community members in various situations or environments, enhancing their ability to increase trust and effectively serve their respective communities and stakeholders

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